F Sport

ES 2018 Fsport AVS (Adaptive Variable Suspension system)

AVS provide seamless, continuously variable control, electronically optimizing the damping force of the shock absorbers in response to the vehicle’s movement to deliver a supple ride with a flat, stable feel. During cornering, the system works with the specially-tuned suspension to maintain a natural stance, letting you enjoy aggressive driving. In addition, drive mode select offers the choice of Eco, Normal, Sport S/S+, and Custom Modes

ES 2018 Fsport F SPORT Exclusive Exterior

The F SPORT is designed to extend the limits of the ES’s smooth performance. The exterior features an exclusive mesh radiator grille, rear lower bumper garnish, and other design cues that highlight the F SPORT’s fearless and aggressive personality. In the cabin, a selection of exclusive features heightens expectation of exhilarating performance. The specially-tuned suspension delivers sharp steering feel, flat cornering and a smooth ride, while additional refinements realize exceptional performance in various driving situations.

lS 2017_F Sport_F SPORT brakes

Exclusive F SPORT brakes featuring the Lexus logo consistently deliver stable braking performance to enable aggressive sporty driving. The combination of opposed 6-piston monoblock aluminum calipers on the front, opposed 4-piston monoblock aluminum calipers on the rear, and high-friction brake pads contributes to high rigidity and excellent fade resistance. Large, 2-piece disc rotors on the front provide stable braking while limiting thermal deformation, and contribute to reducing unsprung weight.