Exterior Design

The RX’s design concept of ‘seductive strength’ fuses the powerful essence of an SUV with intelligent seductiveness to take the evolution of RX DNA to a higher level. This evolution is expressed in the bold proportions of the long wheelbase and large aluminum wheels of the lower body, and a sleek elegant cabin silhouette created without compromising the spacious cabin. The front face radiates both sharpness and power, emphasized by the contrasting thin sharp upper section and bold thick lower section of the signature spindle grille.

Interior Design

In the cabin, the ‘premium touch’ of a luxury SUV is fused with ‘advanced’ RX DNA, realizing an interior space with a fresh configuration that is spacious yet snug. Even as the driver’s space has a separate cockpit like feel, the openness of the design ensures the driver and front passenger stay connected. The longitudinal design motif which flows from the color head-up display across the meter hood to the center console, visually expresses movement from the display zone to the operation zone. Together with the integration of advanced technologies and an intelligent functional layout which takes into consideration the driver’s movement, it realizes a cockpit space that enables the driver to concentrate on driving.