LED 3-eye projector-type headlamps

The futuristic design of the distinctive 3-eye, energy-efficient L-shaped LED lamps with integrated LED DRL creates a signature Lexus arrowhead-shaped illumination. The advanced LED turn signal lamps illuminate sequentially from the inner side to the outside of the headlamps.

LED front fog lamps

LED lamps integrated into the front bumper reduce power consumption while providing a bright beam, contributing to excellent visibility for safe driving in low light and at night.

LED rear combination lamps

The distinctive L-shaped lamps wrap around the side in a deep-set carve, creating a wide signal and projecting a strong presence. The wide LED sequential turn signal lamps illuminate from the inner to the outer side of the lamp to intuitively convey the turn direction.

Touchless power back door

The power back door automatically opens when a hand is held above the sensor in the Lexus emblem, enabling convenient hands-free opening when your hands are full or the door is wet or dirty.

Door handles

The refined design displays a warm hospitality. The dynamic shape is easy to grip. A brightened silhouette line and integrated foot area illumination on the handles guide you at night, then gently fade.

Multimedia coordination function

The RX’s seamless integration of advanced technologies supports the coordinated display of information from the multimedia systems on the large 12.3-inch EMV (Electro Multi-Vision) display in the center of the instrument panel and the 4.2-inch color TFT (Thin Film Transistor) multi-information display in the meter cluster. For convenience, audio system information, incoming mobile calls, and some navigation on the EMV display can also be displayed on the multi information display, and controlled using switches on the steering wheel.

Color head-up display

The large color head-up display projects a range of frequently checked driving information and warnings on the lower windshield glass in the driver’s line of sight, requiring only a movement of the eyes to see it.


A subtle luxury touch is the design of the meters which fuses the simple functionality of 4-dial analog meters with a hi-tech digital display. The large analog speedometer and tachometer have three-dimensional meter faces for excellent visibility.

S-FLOW control

The S-FLOW control measures the temperature setting, cabin temperature, outside temperature and direct sunlight. It then optimizes control of the air conditioning airflow volume and vents, taking into account where occupants are sitting, to provide excellent comfort while enhancing fuel economy.

Remote Touch Interface

Simple operation that includes enter switches integrated on both sides and a back switch lets users interact intuitively with the navigation and audio systems on the 12.3- inch EMV display, for easy control of the systems.

Overhead console LED lamp switches

Refined hospitality extends to intuitive operation of the front warm white LED dome lamp and silky white LED map lamps in the overhead console. Touch switches that detect finger proximity turn the appropriate lamp on or off.

Mark Levinson audio system

The Mark Levinson Premium Surround Sound System features 15 GreenEdge ultra-high efficiency speakers that generate outstanding output while significantly reducing energy consumption. The system also incorporates Clari-Fi technology which analyzes compressed digital music sources in real time and intelligently restores the high fidelity no matter what the music source, creating rich low-range tones and beautiful mid- to high-range tones for the enjoyment of occupants in every seat.

Luggage space

The focus on creating a spacious cabin ensures the RX has ample capacity to carry five people and their luggage. The power back door opens wide to provide easy access to a large luggage space that can accommodate four full-set golf bags or four suitcases, while carrying three passengers in the rear seats. A temporary stowage space behind the rear seats for the tonneau cover enables the luggage space to accommodate larger items.

Power folding rear seats

Enhancing versatility and convenience, the rear seats can be reclined at the touch of a button integrated into each rear seat. They can also be folded flat or upright using switches in the rear seats and side of the luggage space.

Wireless charger

This thoughtful charging tray in the center console box enables wireless charging of batteries in Qi-compatible smart phones and electronic devices simply by placing them on the charger tray.

Rear seat entertainment system

The high-quality entertainment system for rear seat passengers features large 11.6-inch IPS (In-Plane Switching)-LCD displays offering excellent viewing angles, which can also be tilted manually. HDMI input offers flexible connectivity.