3.5-liter V6 Engine

The V6 Atkinson Cycle engine with Dual VVT-iW generates exhilarating driving performance balanced by excellent fuel efficiency. The innovative D-4S fuel injection system features both direct and port injectors, to realize excellent output, torque and fuel efficiency, while complying with strict emission standards.

8 Super ECT

The super intelligent 8-speed automatic transmission features a wide gear ratio that delivers smooth starting and acceleration performance, together with excellent fuel economy, contributing to the dynamic driving performance and showcasing the RX’s distinctive power and smoothness under various conditions. Multi-mode Automatic Transmission and G AI-SHIFT control further enhance driving pleasure.

Drive mode select

Drive mode select provides integrated control of multiple systems to let you tune performance to suit your driving style. On vehicles equipped with AVS (Adaptive Variable Suspension system), you can select and change between Normal, Eco, Sport S and Sport S+ Modes. In addition, Customize Mode enables drivers to set their preferred settings for the powertrain, AVS, EPS (Electric Power Steering) and air conditioning.

Dynamic Torque Control AWD

The electronically-controlled system continually varies distribution of drive power to the rear wheels, switching from front wheel drive to AWD to realize handling stability to suit the driving conditions, especially while cornering, together with excellent fuel economy.

Front and rear suspension

Front and rear suspension The rigidity of the MacPherson strut front suspension and trailing-arm double wishbone rear suspension were enhanced to realize agile handling and exhilarating driving pleasure, whether driving city streets or winding roads.

Special attention was paid to increasing the rigidity of the hub bearings to enhance responsiveness, and the rear stabilizer to reduce under steer and roll.

AVS (Adaptive Variable Suspension system)

AVS optimally controls the damping force of the shock absorbers on all four wheels in response to driver input and road surface conditions, contributing to the excellent ride comfort and handling.


At the heart of the RX’s dynamic driving pleasure is a focus on enhancing exhilarating performance and sporty handling, especially handling stability to create a close sense of unit y with the vehicle, together with steering response and ride comfort. It was realized by making a lightweight, high rigidity body structure from hot-stamp, high-tensile steel and aluminum, with strategically positioned reinforcements, the extensive use of spot welds and body adhesives, and advanced production technologies including laser screw welding.

Pre-loaded differential

This innovative differential pre-loads torque under light loads or low rotational speed, contributing to highly-precise steering for excellent straight-line stability and acceleration performance.