GS F 2016 Performance Aerodynamics

The outstanding aerodynamics and driving stability of the GS F are the product of a relentless focus on optimizing the aerodynamics. Careful attention was paid to honing details, including the brake cooling ducts, air outlets in the rear of the front fenders that vent air from the engine compartment, front spats and CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) rear spoiler. This attention to detail extends to the underbody. Optimizing the engine and floor under covers and the position of aero stabilizing fins creates a smooth airflow under the floor from the front through to the rear.

GS F 2016 Performance Disc brakes

To provide the powerful braking performance and high fade resistance required to race on the track, the large ventilated disc brakes feature integrated monoblock aluminum calipers and high-friction brake pads. With 6 opposed pistons on the front and 4 opposed pistons on the rear, the aluminum calipers contribute to both light weight and rigidity. Slots in the discs help keep the brake pads clean, while spiral fins contribute to the excellent cooling performance. Personalizing the GS F experience, the calipers with “F” emblem are available in black or orange.

GS F 2016 Performance 8-Speed SPDS (Sport Direct Shift)

To boost driving pleasure, the advanced 8-Speed SPDS has a dual nature: an 8-speed automatic shifting mode with smooth gear changes for agile driving, and an 8-speed manual shifting mode for all-out sports driving. In D position with Sport S Mode, G AI-SHIFT selects the optimum gear and downshift pattern in response to input from a G force sensor; in Sport S+ Mode the downshifts are even quicker, for dynamic driving on the race track. In M position, it enables gear holding, as well as full lock-up shifting from 2nd through 8th gears.

GS F 2016 Performance TVD (Torque Vectoring Differential)

For confidence-inspiring “F” driving, even on the race track, the GS F features an innovative TVD. The system efficiently distributes the appropriate amount of torque between the rear wheels regardless of whether the accelerator is depressed or not, to help control the vehicle’s orientation while cornering. TVD has three driving modes to choose from to match the driving situation. ‘Standard’ realizes a refined balance in vehicle behavior between agility and stability while cornering. ‘Slalom’ emphasizes steering response, to realize the nimbleness of a small vehicle.

GS F 2016 Performance VDIM with Sport Mode

The VDIM advanced vehicle dynamics management technology provides integrated control of the ABS, TRC, VSC, and EPS to help stabilize vehicle behavior in various driving conditions. The system enables selection between four modes to match the driving situation, from city streets to the race track: Normal, Sport, Expert, and TRC & VSC Off. Normal Mode provides smooth driving with a high degree of active safety under normal driving conditions. Sport Mode switches the control of VSC and TRC to enhance confident sports driving enjoyment on the race track.

GS F 2016 Performance 5.0-liter V8 engine

The powerful output and excellent response characteristics of the naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V8 engine generate a feeling of limitless acceleration and uninterrupted sports car driving pleasure each time you get behind the wheel. After assembly, each engine undergoes rotational balancing, helping to achieve a finish that further refines the characteristic smoothness and excellent response. It integrates advanced VVT-iE for outstanding fuel economy, power and responsiveness. The engine’s D-4S and Atkinson Cycle contribute to outstanding fuel efficiency when cruising at normal speeds.