GS F 2016 Features Luggage space

Befitting a premium sports sedan, the ample trunk space easily accommodates 9.5-inch golf bags and sports bags. A trunk-through also enables the carrying of longer items. The wide-opening trunk lid ensures easy loading and unloading. The power trunk lid can be opened using a switch on the Electronic Key or in the instrument panel.

GS F 2016 Features Meters

The “F” driving experience is communicated by the large central color TFT (Thin Film Transistor) tachometer, enclosed in a large-diameter ring machined from aluminum with a stainless steel finish that gives a deep metal luster. The design of the tachometer and the content it displays change with the drive mode selected, enhancing visibility and usability. The position of the information, and the size of fonts and indicators displayed were all fine-tuned to provide quick confirmation of vehicle performance in a glance.

GS F 2016 Interior

The “F” spirit is embedded in a cockpit dedicated to the enjoyment of sporting performance. Each element of the interface between car and driver has been honed to support outstanding control and response, and ultimately driving pleasure. This focus is evident in the exclusive “F” design incorporated into the seats, meters, steering wheel and pedals. Slide into the high-back front sport seats, and the ‘integrated foaming’ structure optimizes the body support and holding performance required for sports driving.

GS F 2016 Exterior Design

The GS F fuses leading-edge Lexus design with “F” DNA in a fresh expression of “F heritage and evolution”. An intense focus on creating a functional beauty worthy of a premium sports sedan shaped an exterior that enhances aerodynamics and cooling performance, informed the selection of materials including carbon fiber and aluminum, and integrates iconic “F” design elements. Front on, the GS F exudes a powerful presence.

GS F 2016 Overview

The GS F is a bold expression of the F philosophy, built for uncompromising performance. The development of the GS F injected a race-bred approach to sports driving pleasure into a premium sports sedan, by deepening the three elements of “F” driving fun defined as ‘Response’, ‘Sound’ and ‘Limitless Power Feel’. In its future-focused expression of “F”, the GS F evolves the technology and know-how embedded in “F” DNA, and blends them with the sophisticated refinement worthy of a premium sports sedan.