Careful attention was devoted to aerodynamics to provide the vehicle stability and cooling performance required for “F” sports driving, and help ensure excellent control, especially at high speeds. Numerous design details shape the airflow, including refining the flat underfloor, and strategically positioning aero stabilizing fins on various parts of the body and underbody. Cooling outlets on the top of the hood and in the rear of the front fenders smooth the airflow towards the back of the vehicle, contributing to excellent handling stability.

Performance_RCF_ Disc brakes

To provide the powerful braking performance and high fade resistance required to race on the track, the large ventilated disc brakes feature integrated monoblock aluminum calipers and high-friction brake pads. With 6 opposed pistons on the front and 4 opposed pistons on the rear, the aluminum calipers contribute to both light weight and rigidity. Slots in the discs help keep the brake pads clean, while spiral fins contribute to the excellent cooling performance.

Performance_RCF_ Front and rear suspension

To enable dynamic “F” sports driving, especially when running a series of corners on the race track, the double wishbone front suspension and multi-link rear suspension incorporate components designed exclusively for the RC F. Each component was optimized for rigidity and layout, then honed under demanding conditions on race tracks around the world to ensure excellent steering response for exhilarating driving fun, together with outstanding ride comfort.

Performance_RCF_ Chassis

The foundation for aggressive “F” sports driving is a lightweight, high-rigidity body structure designed specifically for this race-ready coupe, with large rocker panel cross-sections and strategically positioned braces, including in the floor and engine compartment. The use of innovative production technologies such as laser screw welding, body adhesives, extensive spot welding, and high rigidity glass adhesive, further contributes to the outstanding body rigidity, and excellent handling stability. Together, they realize a fresh level of sports driving performance for Lexus.

Performance_RCF_8-Speed SPDS (Sport Direct Shift)

To boost driving pleasure, the advanced 8-Speed SPDS has a dual nature: an 8-speed automatic shifting mode with smooth gear changes for agile driving, and an 8-speed manual shifting mode for all-out sports driving. In D position with Sport S Mode, G AI-SHIFT selects the optimum gear and downshift pattern in response to input from a G force sensor; in Sport S+ Mode the downshifts are even quicker, for dynamic driving on the race track. In M position, it enables gear holding, as well as full lock-up shifting from 2nd through 8th gears.