Power of h

Power of h

What is Hybrid?

Combining two energy sources, hybrid vehicles open up the best of both worlds – exhilaration and efficiency. The combination of a petrol engine with an electric motor means more horsepower and torque, and a more efficient drive.

Under hard acceleration, both power sources kick in. When cruising at low speeds, the car can run on just the electric motor. When braking or going downhill, the battery is recharged.

Types of Hybrid

There are three main types of hybrid vehicles: micro, mild and full. All hybrids have two power sources, but it is the combination of petrol and electric motor that continues to spearhead the future of motoring.

Lexus Full Hybrid

Lexus Hybrids are full hybrids. They comprise an electric motor, petrol engine and battery. During low-speed maneuvering and light cruising, the car is propelled solely by the electric motor. When extra acceleration is needed, the engine kicks in and both power sources work together to power the vehicle.

  • Redefining Exhilaration


Balancing Performance & Efficiency

While giving an extra boost to your drive, Lexus Hybrid Drive is also kinder to the environment.

  • Optimum Fuel Efficiency

    By combining an electric motor and a finely-tuned petrol engine, the vehicle is able to run on electric power instead of petrol. This reduces fuel consumption without compromising performance.

  • Ultra-low Emissions

    Superb engine power is delivered with at least 20% lower carbon emissions, complying with the world’s strictest emission standards.


A Combination of Power Sources

Whatever the speed and situation, the hybrid engine adapts quickly to produce the optimum combination of performance and efficiency in your drive.


    The high performance electric motor generator powers the car, supplied from the hybrid battery. No petrol is used and no emissions are produced.


    During full acceleration, such as climbing a hill, both the petrol engine and the electric motor work together to provide smooth acceleration.


    Depending on cruising speed, the car switches between full electric mode and a combination of the petrol engine and electric motor generator.


    When braking, kinetic energy from the wheels is converted into electrical energy. This energy is then stored in the hybrid battery. That’s why you never have to recharge a Lexus Hybrid.


    At a full stop, the petrol engine automatically switches off to conserve fuel and energy, cutting idling emissions to zero.