The Power of | h

The Power of | h

Rewriting the rules of the road,
performance and formidable quietness.

Lexus Hybrid Drive (LHD) combines an advanced electric motor and powerful gasoline engine to deliver the perfectly balanced drive.
Like the very best conductors, Lexus Hybrid Drive (LHD) orchestrates peak performance from its twin powerplants while also dramatically improving fuel-efficiency.
When the electric motor operates alone, Lexus Hybrid Drive (LHD) provides a silent environment inside and outside the Lexus. It outputs zero CO2 emissions, and even in concert with the gasoline engine, delivers a clean-running operation to complete 5 Key Selling Points of the Lexus Hybrid Drive (LHD) experience.


Smart and responsive performance
The combination of Lexus Hybrid Drive (LHD) and Electronic Continuous Variable Transmission (ECVT) provides two sensational acceleration experiences for the driver with “Normal mode” and “Sport mode”.
ECVT blends the ideal mix of engine and electric power - according to driving conditions - to create a smooth and seamless acceleration in Normal mode.
For a more dynamic driving experience in Sport mode, gasoline engine speed is increased more rapidly during acceleration.

Two power sources -one electric motor, one gasoline engine- offer impressive total system horsepower and powerful acceleration, especially at highway speeds.
All the power you need. Smart, responsive performance.



  • Electric

  • Gasoline Engine


  • Gasoline Engine Only

Unlike gasoline-only engines, a Lexus hybrid doesn't idle when standing still, so it uses no fuel. As the hybrid slows-down, the gasoline engine is cut until it is needed again at higher speeds and when decelerating or braking, Lexus Hybrid Drive (LHD) turns that friction into energy that is stored in the battery for later use.

For people who like driving more than visiting gas stations. Braking and decelerating charge the battery automatically so you never have to plug it in to recharge.


quietness with electric motor assistance
Lexus Hybrid Drive (LHD) also helps fight noise pollution. With the car running exclusively on the electric motor - or ‘EV’ mode, night driving doesn't have to wake the neighbors.

As you begin, the car is almost silent since it is running on electric motor only. At cruising speed, the electric motor assists the gasoline engine not only for power but for quiet comfort. You can talk more easily and enjoy .


electric motor for seamless acceleration
Accelerating to full-throttle from a 60km/h cruising speed, the new ECVT-equipped GS450h accelerated swiftly, seamlessly and smoothly.
In comparison, Competitor 1 - a single-motor hybrid vehicle with 7-speed AT w/o torque converter - not only took 2.6 seconds to downshift from fifth to second gear, but also experienced “shift shock”.

Start off uses only the electric motor for seamless acceleration to road speed where the gasoline engine cuts in. The two power sources work together enhanced by the E-CVT for the best and smoothest performance. And no annoying “shift shock”.


lower exhaust emissions
We continue looking for new ways to achieve our goal of zero emissions.
Lexus Zero Emissions goes beyond the road, we carry this concept over all areas of our business. 360° of it.
The power of h means no compromises. Every addition for efficiency offers performance benefits.

Lexus Hybrid Drive (LHD) uses less gasoline and offers lower exhaust emissions. Clean. Good for the environment, it offers peace of mind.