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Is it necessary to charge the hybrid battery ?
There is no need to charge the battery from an external source. The vehicle itself generates electricity to charge the battery by means of regenerative braking during deceleration, and by using surplus power when the engine is operating.
Are any special driving skills or techniques required ?
No special driving skills or techniques are required. A hybrid vehicle can be driven in the same manner as a normal car.
Does the hybrid system require special maintenance ?
The system requires no special maintenance. It can be used in the same way as a conventional car.
Is the fuel efficiency good even in heavy traffic ?
Lexus hybrid vehicles offer better fuel efficiency, especially when caught in traffic jams and driving in urban areas. When stuck in traffic jams, the hybrid system prevents wasteful idle running of the petrol engine, and the motor/generator is used to drive the vehicles. That way less fuel is consumed.
How many hybrid cars have Lexus sold so far in the world ?
Lexus hybrid vehicles have been proven all over the world for more than a decade, along with the current sales record exceeding 1.1 million units of luxury hybrid vehicles since the first Lexus hybrid vehicle launched in 2005. (As of December 2016)