Toyota Plaza

Toyota Plaza


Lexus Service Centres provide comprehensive maintenance, spare parts, accessories and body and paint services. The modern and fully equipped centres are manned by Lexus certified technicians who ensure high quality service delivered on time. With 4 locations throughout Bahrain in Tubli, Arad, Manama and Riffa, you are never too far from us.

Lexus Service options

Quick Service

A dedicated Quick Service lane at the Toyota Plaza offers standard servicing for Lexus owners, including an oil change and filter replacement, a full car wash, and also a Free Electronic Vehicle Health Check. Take advantage of quick service available at Toyota Plaza, and at our service centre in Manama.

Periodic Maintenance

Your Lexus deserves precision care and maintenance to ensure it performs to its best standards. During periodic maintenance service, vital parts are inspected and if necessary, replaced, to prevent unforeseen vehicle breakdown. Always follow the recommended periodic maintenance intervals (every 5,000 km and 10,000 km) for your Lexus.

20% Lifetime Service Discount

If you own a Lexus model that is four years or older from the date of purchase, then you are eligible to receive a 20% discount on service, which includes spare parts and labour charges.

This lifetime discount on service is extended by Ebrahim K. Kanoo as a gesture of appreciation for your loyalty and to ensure your vehicle’s safety and performance through certified professionals and genuine spare parts.

Traffic Inspection Centre

You can now inspect, register and insure your Lexus - all in one place. Ebrahim K. Kanoo, in partnership with The General Directorate of Traffic (GDT), provides technical examination centres for your Toyota vehicle at Toyota Plaza in Tubli, and at our service centre in Arad.

GDT trained technicians are available at both locations, in addition to a traffic self-service stand and Sadad machine for payment of contraventions. Vehicle insurance can also be purchased with insurance representatives on site.