Crafted to inspire, the LC Convertible fuses the sensual beauty and exhilarating performance of the LC coupe with an open-air oneness with nature, enveloping and invigorating the senses in an exceptional driving experience unique to a Lexus convertible.


Innovative design and meticulous craftsmanship open up the beauty of the LC to create a bold and distinctive identity befitting a Lexus convertible, expressed in the sleek, flowing silhouette that accentuates the unique convertible character.

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The naturally aspirated V8 engine generates a dynamic feeling of limitless acceleration and powerful output for luxury sports car driving. Refining the intake and exhaust components enhances driving performance to rea lize an emotional driving experience.

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The LC Convertible applies the Lexus concept of luxury to create an unparalleled open-air driving experience, embedding innovative technologies, Japanese hospitality, authentic craftsmanship, and Lexus finesse into the quality details.

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When the radar and camera sensors detect a collision with a vehicle ahead is likely, it alerts the driver and activates pre-crash brake assist when the driver depresses the brake pedal. If it determines a collision is difficult to avoid, then the pre-crash brakes and pre-crash seatbelts also operate.

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    White Nova Glass Flake
  • White Nova Glass Flake
  • Terrane Khali Mica Metallic
  • Structural Blue
  • Sonic Titanium
  • Sonic Silver
  • Radiant Red Contrast Layering
  • Naples Yellow Contrast Layering
  • Graphite Black Glass Flake
  • Deep Blue Mica
  • Dark Grey Mica
  • Blazing Carnelian Contrast Layering
  • Black


    Marina White (Semi-aniline Leather)
  • Marina White (Semi-aniline Leather)
  • Ocher (Semi-aniline Leather)
  • Black (Semi-aniline Leather)
  • Flare Red (Semi-aniline Leather)
  • Ocher (Smooth Leather)
  • Black (Smooth Leather)