5.0-liter V8 engine

The naturally aspirated V8 engine generates a dynamic feeling of limitless acceleration and powerful output for luxury sports car driving. Refining the intake and exhaust components enhances driving performance to realize an emotional driving experience.

Direct Shift-10AT

Feeding dynamic control for driving exhilaration, the close gear ratios of the advanced 10-speed automatic transmission realize equal intervals between gears and shifting, for quick rhythmical shift changes with a good tempo and upbeat engine sound as you accelerate through the gears. The wide gear ratio range enables powerful start-up acceleration, yet is exceedingly comfortable during high-speed cruising.

Disc brakes

Large 20-inch disc brakes on the front and high-friction brake pads actuated by 6 opposed pistons on the front and 4 opposed pistons on the rear provide stable braking performance in diverse driving conditions. Monoblock aluminum calipers contribute to their light weight and excellent rigidity.

Drive mode select

Drive mode select provides integrated control of multiple systems to let you tune performance to suit your driving style. You can select and change between five modes: Normal, Eco, Comfort, Sport S and Sport S+ Modes. In addition, Custom Mode enables drivers to set their preferred settings for the powertrain, chassis and air conditioning.

Engine sound

The sound generator and generator hoses utilize pulses in the engine air intake to generate and harmonize 3 different high frequency tones during acceleration, producing a highly distinctive and sporty engine sound unique to the LC. An aural experience in its own right, the vibrant engine sound is enhanced by special sound-control valves in the exhaust that activate during start-up, producing a localized sound image that projects a feeling of space and depth.

Multi material body

To give the LC convertible with its soft-top roof the structural integrity at the heart of the LC’s dynamic performance, it integrates several exclusive components to boost body rigidity. They include a rear suspension tower brace with V-brace, torsion box, under floor braces, and gussets on the bottom of the front and center pillars. The use of aluminum, hot-stamp, and high-tensile steel further contributes to the lightweight, high rigidity body structure, reinforced by the use of body adhesives, laser welding and laser screw welding. To further lighten weight and lower the center of gravity, aluminum and CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics) are used for a variety of components.

FR (Front engine, Rear wheel drive) platform

The structural integrity that forms the core of the LC’s next generation driving dynamics focused on the vital contribution of the platform architecture to performance. To provide smooth maneuverability and stability, the moment of inertia was reduced and the center of gravity lowered to realize excellent steering stability. It is reinforced by a wide stance with short overhangs, and balanced front-to-rear weight distribution, to realize responsive and natural vehicle behavior. The result is a layout that realizes driving close to the ideal, enhancing the convertible’s responsiveness to driver inputs and giving a natural feel of the road. It also enables the beautiful body with its captivating silhouette, together with ample luggage space.