3 eye Bi-Beam LED headlamps

The ultra-­compact 3-­eye Bi-­Beam LED headlamps combine a beautiful distinctive design with exceptional light distribution. The Lexus signature L‐shaped DRL (Daytime Running Lamps) set above the headlamps feature distinctive vertical illumination lines that enhance the feeling of depth.

LED rear combination lamps

The bold design of the rear combination lamps reinforces the UX’s unique identity. The left and right lamps are connected by the aero stabilizing blade lights to form a single line of light across the rear, illuminated by 132 LEDs. This form is complemented by the advanced aerodynamics of the L-­shaped race car-­inspired fins, which contribute to excellent rear stability while cornering and in side winds.

Forward visibility

A key focus of the human-­centered design was forward visibility, with the aim of providing a commanding view and peace of mind. Special attention was given to the design of the front pillars and door mirror area, creating a space between the pillar and mirror to enhance the visibility of pedestrians and bicycles at intersections.


The forward placement of the moonroof lets in an abundance of light, enhancing the open and airy feeling in the cabin. Its structure and shape were refined to help reduce wind noise when it is open.

Power back door

Even if both hands are full, when carrying the Electronic Key you can open and close the back door automatically by moving your foot under the rear bumper and out again.

Rear bumper

Combining high rigidity with excellent recyclability, the rear bumper accentuates the dynamic SUV presence of the rear design, endowing it with a strong sense of stability. Back-­up lamps are integrated into the lower section.

Meters/EMV display

Realizing the ‘Seat in Control’ concept of the human centered interior, the displays are designed to provide the driver with an intuitive interface that provides clear information without changing posture or line of sight. The 10.3‐inch EMV (Electro Multi-­Vision) displays incoming hands-­free mobile calls, audio system and other information, and coordinates the display of select information with the multi-­information display integrated into the 7inch color TFT (Thin Film Transistor) Optitron meter, and the large color head-­up display positioned in the driver’s line of sight. The drive mode select switch is conveniently located on the meter hood bezel.