F Sport

IS_F SPORT Front Seats

The low-set front sport seats were made using an innovative ‘integrated foaming’ process that firmly attaches the internal foam to the seat upholstery, eliminating wrinkles and movement of the upholstery. They provide firm support and excellent holding performance under the lateral G forces of sports driving, as well as refined comfort.

IS_F SPORT Exclusive Meter

A sophisticated instrumentation interface brings the driver and the IS together for a dynamic sports driving experience. The innovative meter is a direct evolution of the groundbreaking design and functionality of the meter in the Lexus LFA. The single dial takes center stage with a combination of Lexus sophistication and cutting-edge precision. In addition to showing information in a clear and logical manner, the meter ring display changes to reflect the drive mode selected, and the ring slides to the side to display multimedia menus when the driver activates the multimedia system.

IS_F Sport Wedge Metal Trim

The F SPORT expression of the Lexus design philosophy of ‘Intriguing Elegance’, seen in the refined finish throughout the cabin, is exemplified by the exclusive trim. The thinly machined metal film is finished with a fine 3D-patterned surface, creating s sophisticated visual depth that adds a subtle sporting aura to the interior.

IS_F SPORT Shift Lever

Embodying a keen focus on sports driving pleasure, the exclusive shift lever highlights the desire for both sports precision – realized in the short stroke of the shift lever and rounded easy-to-grip shape of the shift knob that supports fast intuitive operation; and luxury – seen in the bright silver and dimpled leather finish of the shift knob.

IS_F SPORT Instrument Panel

A highlight of the sports-focused driving environment, the exclusive 3-spoke F SPORT steering wheel was design for precise sporting control. Close attention was paid to the cross section shape for excellent feel and grip in the driver’s hand, and is complemented by the dimpled leather finish. Integrated paddle shift switches are also available for dynamic manual gear changes that are at the heart of authentic sports driving.


The F SPORT emblems on the front fenders confirm the sports driving heritage of the F SPORT and highlight its motorsport-inspired DNA, seen in the aggressive design influences and advanced sports driving features such as the exclusive meter and wheels inherited directly from the Lexus LFA.

IS_F SPORT Exclusive Suspension

The F SPORT suspension was design to deliver damping characteristics that suit sports driving sensibilities, giving a natural feeling response to the road conditions and vehicle behavior. To achieve this, exclusive tuning of both the double wishbone front suspension and multi-link rear suspension included the coil springs, shock absorbers and other components, together with the EPS.

IS_F Sport VGRS (Variable Gear Ratio Steering)

It optimally controls the steering angle in response to vehicle speed and steering input, helping to realize excellent maneuverability and stability from low through the high speeds. At low to mid speeds that require frequent steering input, such as driving in urban areas and on winding roads, the steering gear ration is optimized to provide a light, nimble feeling. At high speeds, the response is optimized to realize a stable steering feel.