Power rear seats

The reclining power rear seats provide up to 8° of recline to create an even more relaxing space.


Trunk-through functionality enables the carrying of longer items that won’t fit in the trunk.

4-way driver and front passenger lumbar support

The front seatbacks feature a design with separate upper and lower sections to provide a continuous flow through to the console and armrest. Integrated lumbar support for the lower back helps reduce fatigue on long drives. Switches control 4-way horizontal and vertical adjustments, enabling the driver and front seat passenger to tailor the optimal position to suit their physiques.


The EMV (Electro Multi-Vision) enables simple touch operation, with a high-resolution wide screen that is easy-to-read even when the menu and maps are displayed simultaneously. Ergonomics helps refine the display position in front of the driver for easy viewing and operation, optimizing the angle and the position of the unit to minimize intrusion into the driver’s line of sight. The result is