GS F 2016 Safety Pre-Crash Safety System

When the millimetre-wave radar and monocular camera detect a collision with a vehicle ahead is likely, it alerts the driver using a buzzer and on the multi-information display, and activates pre-crash brake assist when the driver depresses the brake pedal. If the driver cannot depress the brake pedal, then it activates the pre-crash brakes to help avoid a collision or mitigate the impact force.

GS F 2016 Safety LDA & AHB

Lane Departure Alert with Steering Control alerts the driver with a sensory alert using a buzzer and on the multi-information display if the system judges the vehicle is about to cross the lane markings without using the turn signals, and assists steering to avoid lane departure. In addition, Vehicle Sway Warning monitors steering operation and the vehicle’s position within a lane to detect vehicle sway due to driver in attention or drowsiness, and alerts the driver by a buzzer and on the multi-information display.

GS F 2016 Performance Body structure

A high rigidity body structure provides the foundation for the heart-pounding exhilaration and approachable fun of “F” sports driving. Its outstanding rigidity is the product of innovative production technologies including laser screw welding, laser welding and body adhesives. The addition of front and rear body braces with extra brace coupling points on the front, together with extensive spot welding, further contributes to the highly responsive and stable handling, as well as the refined ride comfort.

GS F 2016 Performance Front and rear suspension

For dynamic high-performance “F” sports driving that feels right at home running a series of corners on the race track, the GS F is equipped with double wishbone front suspension and multi-link rear suspension. In addition to the use of exclusive components, each component was optimized for rigidity and layout. They were then honed under demanding conditions on race tracks around the world to ensure excellent steering response for exhilarating driving fun, together with outstanding ride comfort.