The sweeping lines from the center of the grille through the slim compact design of 3-eye Bi-Beam LED headlamps visually emphasize the low center of gravity. The black lamp running across the top of the headlamps integrates a sharp L-shaped white DRL (Daytime Running Lamp). Below, three high and low projector beam LEDs are integrated in a compact unit that provides exceptional light distribution

Bi-Beam LED headlamps

The black lamp running across the top of the Bi-Beam LED headlamps integrates a sharp L-shaped white DRL, the distinctive Lexus signature. Below the DRL, a compact one-lamp projector LED unit integrates both high and low beams, together with a turn signal lamp, enhancing the feeling of depth and accentuating the continuity of the lines flowing from the grille.

LED rear combination lamps

The bold lines and layered structure of the L-shaped rear combination lamps exude tension, emphasizing the bold wide stance of IS. The multiple LEDs in the tail and stop lamps illuminate in a deep glittering L-shaped display, accentuating the Lexus presence.

Dual exhaust pipes

The design of the exhaust pipe tips shows attention to detail to create a sporty sound. F SPORT models feature an exclusive design with a solid surface and beautiful curve.


The moonroof lets ample light and fresh air into the cabin, expanding the feeling of space and driving enjoyment. It opens and closes, tilts up and down at the touch of a button. A low-speed motor provides quiet operation. Note: Please inquire at your local dealer for details on the availability of features.

EMV touch display

The 10.3-inch touch display enables simple touch operation, with a wide screen that is easy-to-read even when the menu and maps are displayed simultaneously. Ergonomics helps refine the display’s position in front of the driver for easy operation, optimizing the angle and thinness of the unit to minimize intrusion into the driver’s line of sight. The result is an interface that is easy to focus on and enables intuitive fingertip operation, while maintaining forward visibility and a comfortable driving position.

Lexus IS Premium Sound System

The high-resolution Premium Sound 10-speaker system treats occupants to an exceptional audio experience with a dynamic and airy feel. CST (Coherent Source Transducer) speakers in the instrument panel combine a tweeter and mid-range, reproducing vocals that create a live performance effect.

Electrostatic temperature control switches

The innovative electrostatic temperature controls located in the center console enable quick and intuitive operation of the air conditioner with the touch of a finger. To optimize individual comfort, temperature settings for the driver and front passenger seats can be set separately.

Remote Touch Interface

An interface designed for simple, smartphone-style operation lets users interact intuitively with the navigation and audio systems on the 10.3-inch EMV or 8-inch touch display. Integrated into the center console, it provides easy control of the systems without disturbing the driving posture and line of sight.

Optitron Meters

The self-illuminating 2-eye Optitron meters provide vital driving information at a glance. The combination of plating on the outside of the meter ring and satin-look plating on the inside evokes a feeling of sporty quality, heightened by the spin finish on the dial plate.

Steering wheel

The steering wheel shows the smooth fusion of technology and craftsmanship that is a Lexus hallmark. The refined shape of the horn pad evokes nimble handling and dynamic sporty style, the dark metallic color of the ornamentation panel creates unity with the interior, and the accent stitching on the wheel grips highlights the quality craftsmanship.

Auto air conditioning

The air conditioning system was designed to provide a comfortable ‘fun-to-drive’ environment in all seasons. To optimize individual comfort, temperature settings for the driver and front passenger seats can be set separately. Innovative electrostatic temperature controls in the center console enable quick and intuitive operation with the touch of a finger.

Trunk space

Balancing exhilarating performance with thoughtful functionality is the hallmark of Lexus. A good example is the intelligent layout of the rear suspension, which contributes to the ample capacity of the trunk, with room for three full-size (9.5-inch) golf bags.