Interior Design

The cockpit design is based on the Tazuna concept; a concept that refines the human-centered philosophy present in Lexus’ vehicle crafting. The Tazuna, Japanese for rein, is an important means of communication between a horse and its rider. Lexus’ interior concept draws upon this articulate, symbiotic relationship, and reinterprets the partnership between human and machine with an intuitive layout that forges a deeper mutual understanding through a seamless merging of Omotenashi-influenced design and cutting-edge technologies. The steering wheel switches, for example, are highly integrated with the head-up display to create a space where the driver can concentrate on driving. Navigation, audio, and various functions can be controlled without the need for extra eye movement or complicated switch operations.

Exterior Side Design

The raised front edge of the hood and lowered rear edge of the back window create a horizontal posture with low centre of gravity. While retaining the overall length and front overhang, the base of the front pillar is pushed back to emphasize the elongated hood and emphasize the stance in which the cabin mass seems to sit on the rear. The strongly flared surface extending from the rear door to the rear fenders visually evokes the powerful traction of the eAxle and creates a beautiful highlight loop in the seamless flow of the surfaces into the side sill. The quarter pillar evolves the floating pillar design into a three-dimensional form, wrapping around to the rear, creating a stylish impression.

Exterior Front Design

The spindle design, a symbol of Lexus, is now expressed as a three-dimensional form, evolving into a new expression called the spindle body. The body-colored panel extends to the bottom of the Lexus emblem, emphasizing the strength of the form, as well as the mathematical beauty of the grille gradation. The seamless expression of the fusion between body and grille accentuate the impression of strength and a low center of gravity, pushing the boundaries of expressing a new identity and uniqueness

Exterior Rear Design

A simple, strong mass flows horizontally to form the wide stance with a low centre of gravity, projecting a sense of power and strength. The rear combination lamps feature the signature Lexus L-shaped light bar with lenses that wrap around the sides of the body, further emphasizing the wide silhouette and low centre of gravity.

Touch Displays

The centre display features a 14-inch or 9.8-inch touch display, providing many functions integrated into its soft switches. Careful attention was paid to the size, shape, layout, and information displayed on the switches, pursuing optimum placement and shape for intuitive operation, while also considering how often each function is used.

Interior Illumination

The multi-colour illumination around the instrument panel creates a spacious, immersive atmosphere even at night. 14 colours were carefully selected to express the changing emotions and feelings of witnessing beautiful natural phenomena. In addition to the theme colours, you can select from 50 additional colours from a palette displayed in the centre display.

TFT (Thin Film Transistor) LCD Meter

With optimal content layout, the high-grade TFT meter allows the driver to quickly check vital information while driving, including navigation route, driving assist system status, navigation scheduled arrival time and driving range.

Luggage Space

The thin back door trim and low loading height contribute to both a comfortable interior space and ample luggage capacity. The position and lens colour of the two LED lamps in the side of luggage space and LED lamp in the back door were optimized, enhancing their appearance.