The high grade slim 3-projector Bi-Beam LED headlamps feature a black-toned extension that creates a subdued presence, highlighting the L-signature of the DRL (Daytime Running Light). The base grade single-projector Bi-Beam LED headlamps with integrated L-signature DRL pursue a simple elegant design. Headlamp cleaners are set flush with the bumper to unify the clean lines.

E-Latch Door Handles

An e-latch system replaces the conventional door latch/unlatch mechanism with an electronic control that opens and closes doors smoothly with no wasted movements, like a sliding shoji paper door. To open a door when getting in, simply press the switch on the inside of the door handle while pulling the handle towards you in the usual way. When getting out, the door opens in a single action by pressing a switch while holding the pull handle. If the battery power supply is cut, for instance due to a collision, the doors can be opened using a manual release handle.

Hands-free Power Back Door

Even if both hands are full, when carrying the Electronic Key, you can open and close the back door automatically by moving your foot under the rear bumper and out again. Refinements enhance fast, quiet operation, and a buzzer confirms when to move your foot out. In addition, when carrying the Electronic Key, if you press the Close & Lock switch or activate the kick sensor and walk away, a walk-away function fully closes the back door and then locks all the doors.

Centre Console

Cupholder with adjustable sliding height: Enables the storing of various cups and tumblers. A non-slip mat in the bottom allows the driver to open a plastic bottle lid with one hand, without changing their forward view while driving. Front box with lid: The large storage box in the front of the centre console features a front-rear sliding lid, providing easy access to the wireless charger. Front tray: A tray above the front box with lid provides convenient storage for a smartphone and other items.

Wireless Charger

Set inside the front box with lid, it enables wireless charging of Qi-compatible smartphones and electronic devices simply by placing them on the charger tray.

Mark Levinson Premium Surround Sound System

Since it pioneered high-end audio 50 years ago, Mark Levinson has kept evolving, and Lexus is the only premium car brand equipped with its audio systems. Based on the Mark Levinson PurePlay concept to create a pure, distortion-free sound, the RX is equipped with 9 Unity speakers positioned at the same height around the cabin to create a live stage effect that extends from front to back and left to right, and clear unified reproduction of mid- and high-ranges. It also features QLS (Quantum Logic Surround) sound technology to create a precise stage feel, localization, and dynamic playback, and Clari-Fi compressed audio source reproduction technology to reproduce sound as close to the original as possible.

Lexus Climate Concierge

Lexus Climate Concierge coordinates with the auto air conditioning to automatically control the front seat heaters and steering wheel heater when the heater is on, or the front seat ventilation when the air conditioning is on, providing optimal comfort for each occupant.

Seat Heater/Seat Ventilation (Front & Rear Seats)

The heating area and heat distribution of the seats were optimized to provide pleasant warmth across the whole seat cushion. Suction type seat ventilation is available on the front and outboard rear seats. Switches for adjusting the seat heater and ventilation in the rear seats are in the console rear end panel.