Pre Collision System

When the system detects a vehicle, pedestrian (day or night), or bicyclist (day)*1 ahead using the millimeter-wave radar and monocular camera sensors, it alerts the driver of a possible collision with a warning buzzer and alert on the multi-information display. If the driver depresses the brake pedal, pre-collision brake assist operates.

Emergency Steering Assist

If the Emergency Steering Assist system detects a collision with a vehicle, pedestrian or bicyclist ahead is likely, there is sufficient space for the vehicle to be steered within its lane and the driver has begun an evasive steering maneuver, it assists steering to help enhance vehicle stability and prevent lane departure.

Lane Departure Alert/Steering Alert

When the system detects possible lane or road deviations, it displays a message on the color head up display*6 and multi information display, vibrates the steering wheel, or sounds a buzzer to alert the driver. It also assists steering to avoid lane departure. The system not only recognizes white lane markings, but also the boundaries between asphalt and grass, dirt, curb stones and other objects.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)

To assist safe reversing, RCTA uses quasi-millimeter-wave radars in the rear bumper to detect approaching vehicles in difficult-to-see areas behind the vehicle. When an approaching vehicle is detected, RCTA alerts the driver using a buzzer and indicator in the relevant door mirror

BSM/Overtaking Vehicle Warning

In addition to vehicles to the rear which are difficult to see in the door mirrors, BSM monitors adjacent lanes up to approximately 60 meters behind the vehicle to detect rapidly approaching vehicles. When a vehicle is detected, an indicator in the door mirror illuminates. If the driver operates the turn signal after an overtaking vehicle has been detected, the indicator flashes to alert the driver.


When the millimeter wave radar and monocular camera sensors detect a vehicle driving ahead, the system maintains a suitable distance based on the vehicle’s speed. If the preceding vehicle stops, the system stops the vehicle and remains stopped until the preceding vehicle starts moving again, and resumes tracking when the driver accelerates from a stop. This significantly reduces driver workload in stop start traffic, such as driving on a congested expressway.


BladeScan AHS reflects LED light onto a blade mirror rotating at high speed to smoothly illuminate the road ahead with its residual image, significantly enhancing visibility at night.